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Technical pants

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When you are totally at ease you do not even notice the time you spend riding your bike. The summer-winter technical trousers are a smart garment made of Dryarn® and Resistex® Carbon, a combination that actively works to increase your comfort. Thanks to the seamless technology the garment does not lose its shape and fits  right your body-shape, allowing you freedom of movement and  muscle compression. The fabric's  high degree of insulation and breathability keeps the body temperature constant, even with low temperatures or strong ventilation, and  these  yarns  transfer  the sweat from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, for a quick evaporation process. Dryarn® does not undergo any alteration if attacked by bacteria, mould, moths, insects or other microorganisms; whereas the carbon fibre guarantees the dispersion of static electricity.


Summer - Winter technical pants in Dryarn® and Resistex® Carbon.
The seamless technology makes it stress-resistant and fits the body shape, guaranteeing freedom of movement and muscle compression. Moreover, the high level of insulation and breathability of materials maintains the body temperature and at the same time transfers moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, for a fast evaporation process. This allows the natural thermoregulation of body temperature, without excess of cooling in low temperatures or strong ventilation. Dryarn® does not undergo any alteration if attacked by bacteria, insects or other microorganisms, while carbon fibre eliminates static build up.

63% poliammide, 30% Dryarn®, 5% spandex, 2% Resistex® carbon (carbon fiber)


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